Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meet Minou!

Bonjour, mes amis! I am Minou! It is a pleasure to introduce myself to you. Like my friend Creamsicle, I was one of the first residents at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary. I have quite an interesting story to tell you about how I ended up at the sanctuary.

It was a dark and frigidly cold winter night when I was seen rummaging for crumbs in a parking lot, next to an apartment’s trash bin. It was so cold and my little toes and ears hurt so badly! The strong winds tossed twigs and paper at me, but I continued on my quest, trying to find a little bite to eat, and some shelter to keep me warm. I also had a very badly injured leg, but I did my best to try and survive.

Someone from the apartment came out and found me, and scooped me into her arms. It felt so warm to have a human hold me. She took me inside. I was very thin, but she could see the bulge in my abdomen and knew I was going to have babies very soon. She noticed that one of my front legs appeared shorter. It was actually bent at a right angle, so I had to walk on my “elbow”. My leg really hurt, it was calloused and raw from being in this unusual position. But I was brave, and put up with the pain. I had to make it, and I had to make sure my babies did too.

The kind couple who rescued me had many financial troubles and handicaps of their own. They could not care for me, but that made them more determined than ever to find help for me. For days they made phone calls to every organization they could think of, asking for someone to come and rescue me. As days went by, they became more frantic that they could not find help for me, but one day they ended up contacting the one organization who said they would be happy to take me!

I was first taken to a veterinarian where I was examined, and then placed in a foster home where I would give birth to my kittens. They decided that any surgical help for my leg would have to wait until my kittens were weaned. I would have made the same decision myself. I was very glad to be safe and was anxious for the arrival of my little babies. About ten days later, I gave birth to seven adorable kittens! Four of them were adopted out as soon as they were old enough (and spayed and neutered). Then it was time for me to get my forever home! Me and three of my little boys were transferred to Forget Me Not.

My three little boys are Casey, Finnigan and Buttons. (They will introduce themselves to you in more detail at another time.) Finnigan has a congelital lung problem which made it unlikely for him to be adopted as he will require ongoing medical attention. And since he and both Casey and Buttons were so kind and devoted to me, often grooming me and playing very gently with me through all of my medical issues, the folks at Forget Me Not decided that it would be best that we all spend our lives together at the sanctuary. I love having my little boys with me!

As for my leg, the tendons in my foot and lower leg had been destroyed, likely from an infected bite wound, causing it to bend sideways. I had an operation on my leg, trying to repair the tendons, but that proved unsuccessful. A decision was made to amputate my right front leg.

It took some time to heal, but I was very well taken care of by the people at the sanctuary and was surrounded by their love and that of my little boys. Mustering up the same courage and determination that I had when battling the elements out on the streets, I learned to manage with only one front leg. I have to tell you that I feel great now! I get around just fine, thank you. I don’t miss that leg, it was more of a hindrance for me, and now I feel like a brand new Minou! There are numerous ladders and high places here for me to climb, and there is no obstacle I can’t conquer! In fact, you will often find me at the sanctuary high up on one of the perching areas, watching over my little boys playing with the other kids.

So this is how I ended up at Forget Me Not. I am so glad to be here, and this is a wonderful home for me and my boys to spend the rest of our lives.

Thank you for reading my story.

Au revoir!



  1. What an amazing journey you have been on Minou. From such a horrible start to such a wonderful life!

    So brave and such an inspiration.

    dyan in Ca. USA

  2. Minou, what a brave and wonderful cat you are and such a good mom! I am so happy you have a good home with your boys! May you have a long and happy life at your new home; I know you will provide many hours of happiness to those you encounter.
    Auntie Vickie

  3. Minou, you are beautiful and have the nicest eyes! We are so happy you have such a great new home now. What a brave girl you are!

    Sam & Sadie
    Edmonton, Alberta

  4. minou, I'm glad you've found your forever home with your boys as well, you can rest and enjoy life now.

  5. I am happy that you were resuced! WOW! What a brave cat you are, Minou! I have cat also named Minou too. She was in absusive home as kitty til my sister resuced her. Someone cut her stomach open and gave to my family. We took her to the vet to get her fixed. She is happy cat after that and she's funny cat. She's very smart cat, she could open doors, I was like WOW! I am glad for our both Minou to be landed in good homes. You both are beautiful cats!

  6. What a wonderful story, Minou we are so glad that you are happy in your home.
    Just had to send you a comment to let you know that we to have a rescue cat called Minou. She was very poorly when she came to us but with love and care she is now the queen of the house, we love her to bits.
    Marge and Jerry
    England UK