Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meet Rascal!

Hello, I am Rascal! I am one year old and I have been living at Forget Me Not since January 3, 2009.

Before coming to the Sanctuary I lived in a home with a big Rottweiler dog. I was only about 3 months old when one day the big dog accidentally entered my room where I was sound asleep. I guess the dog decided I looked like his lunch, so he attacked me and I was injured very badly. I was so scared! My owners took me to the veterinarian and surrendered me to the clinic, because they believed that any treatment would cost more than they could afford. They wanted me to be euthanized. That may be a big word, but I knew what it meant, and as wounded and weak as I was, it made me very sad.

The kind vet looked into my beautiful expressive eyes and knew that she had to give me a second chance at life. She performed surgery on me and then set about finding me somewhere to heal and recover. That’s when I came to the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary.

It took me a while to recovery from my wounds and my surgery, and the wonderful humans here took great care of me. Over time, they realized that my amazing determination and spirit had imbedded into their hearts and that I had become a very special member of this family of felines. So they decided that I should become a permanent resident here. I couldn’t have been happier! So for the past 9 months I have enjoyed living in the main cat cottage.

Early on I became attached to a soft lavender-colored blanket that gave me a lot of comfort during my recovery. It is still one of my favorite things. Later on I found a new cozy comfort – my best friend Dexter! The big woolly guy and I are inseparable and love to hang out together. (Dexter’s story appears further down in our blog.)

I do love all of my feline friends here at the Sanctuary and the humans are just amazing to me…to all of us.

Sometimes I think back to being a little baby, and that big dog, and the fact that I almost went to the Rainbow Bridge before my time. I am so grateful to have been saved by that kind vet and the humans here at the Sanctuary.

Well, I better go. Dexter is calling me to play hide and seek.




  1. Wicked site, and wonderful stories. I really enjoyed reading them all. The cats are beautiful. Hard to believe they would not have homes if not for this place, they are all gorgeous.

    Cristal and Brandy the wonder cat

  2. from such an unlucky start in life, you sure got lucky!

    Kind vet, wonderful new home...great friends

    dyan in CA
    Conner, Lissa, Smokey and Tucker

  3. What a frightening story! So glad you survived Rascal and found a great home. You poor thing, but you are obviously all well now and you look grrrrrreat!

    Sam & Sadie
    Edmonton, Alberta

  4. Rascal, what a great story for why nobody should give up! I was taken in to be euthanised by our vet, too, by my last family, because maybe they couldn't afford my surgery and treatments, but they were convinced to surrender me to them, fixed me up, then I came to my real forever home. It has been 5 years, and I am 13 1/2 now...and I love it here. I'm glad you love the is a good place.
    Tigger (with Mister)
    Heading back home to Canada

  5. Our best wishes to everyone involved with this place. You do wonderful work for these special cats. Way to go! and keep up the good work!

    Jodi & Len
    St. Albert

  6. Rascal, you and I could be twins! When my Mom looked at this she thought it was me! It's like looking in the mirror. I'm smiling reading about you and your wooly friend, that is so super sweet.

    All of these stories are great, I look forward to reading lots more about these cats.

    Rhubarb (and Delaney)

  7. Thank you for saving Rascal, and Dexter! Two wonderful and kind and loving kitties. Big hugs to them,

    Nati =^..^=
    Nicky =^..^=