Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Look At Me Now!

My name is Mi Hija (pronounced Mee-Ha), and I have a great tale to share with you. Do you ever wonder what happens to the cats who get adopted from the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary? Well, I am one of those lucky cats, and I’d like to share my story with you.

My early life started out very sad. I was abandoned and left to fend for myself when I was only about 7 or 8 months old. And I was pregnant! I followed some stray cats to an acreage where a lady had put out some food for them. My first litter of babies were four little boys, and they all still live at that acreage. Then I got pregnant again, but sadly my second litter did not survive. My heart was breaking. At night I would dream about being in a permanent loving home, surrounded by kind humans and maybe even a feline sibling to play with. I wondered if I would ever have a chance for my dream to come true.

Some months later, when the lady at the acreage thought I was pregnant again, she dropped me off at a rural pound. The folks at the pound thought I would be unadoptable due to my pregnancy, so they surrendered me to the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary right on last New Year’s Eve. The people at the Sanctuary took me to their vet, who did an ultrasound, and found that I actually was not pregnant at all, so I was then spayed.

The folks at the Sanctuary gave me the name “Ivy” and they took wonderful care of me for the months that I lived there. I got along well with the other cats and never complained about my many feline roommates. But the Sanctuary owners noticed that I was happiest and most content in the presence of only 1 or 2 cats, so they decided it was time to put me up for adoption. They put my picture and story in PetRescue magazine with the hope that some wonderful people might see me and want to take me in. They described me as a cute little marmalade-colored furball of a cat, with a button nose, so how could anyone resist?

Soon after, a wonderful couple named Pearl and Larry came to meet me. I could tell right away upon meeting them that they were kind and gentle people, and I could see the love in their eyes as they looked into my beautiful face. They decided to take me home with them and they would be my forever family! The Sanctuary folks gave me my favorite pink blanket to take with me, and off I went!

The car ride home was fun, and I snuggled right between Pearl and Larry on my way to my new forever home. As we traveled, they told me that I was also going to have a brother cat as part of my new family. This made me very happy, and I couldn’t wait to meet him! His name is Riley.

Riley was just a little kitten when fifteen years ago, on a February morning, Larry spotted him lying in a little heap on the pavement of a very busy road. After blocking the traffic with his car, Larry rescued Riley, scooped him up and had a vet attend to his paws which were badly burnt. After being unable to locate Riley’s owners, Pearl and Larry happily added Riley to their family which at that time consisted of 2 cats and a dog.

When I arrived at my new home, Riley met us at the door. We exchanged a few hisses in greeting and the first night I slept in the guest room. The very next morning, Riley invited me to play and it was so much fun! I knew we were going to get along really well. Pearl and Larry threw little rubber balls around the floor, and then helped Riley and me chase them around the room. I will always remember those early days in my new home, with my new family.

Pearl and Larry gave me a new name, which I like very much. I am now Mi Hija, which means “my daughter” in Spanish. Sometimes they just call me “Mi” for short. And sometimes they call me “Little Miss Sunbeam” because if there is a ray of sunshine anywhere around, you can be sure I will find it!

Riley and I are allowed outside in the backyard as long as either Pearl or Larry are there to supervise us. We can go into our beautiful garden which has a stone wall we can hop onto and go for a little stroll. I have now been with my new family for 8 whole months. I have lost the once sad look I had in my eyes and I now am happy as can be.

And the rest as they say is history! I love my new family and I know they love me too. I am so lucky to have wound up at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary where I was given a second chance at happiness. And I sure have found it with Pearl and Larry and of course Riley too.

Sometimes dreams really do come true!


Mi Hija


  1. What a heartwarming story! Mi Hija and Riley are wonderful companions to each other and how fortunate they are that their lives crossed paths with good-hearted loving people such as Pearl and Larry. Our hats are off to all four of them!
    Katie and Michael
    Red Deer. Alberta

  2. We just love happy endings, and it's great to read such a wonderful story. Mi Hija you are beautiful and your brother Riley is adorable too. Happy life to both of you!

    Sam & Sadie

  3. Touching story, beautiful cats and always so nice to read about humans who really care about animals. Hope Pearl and Larry are enjoying life with their twosome and best wishes to you all.

    Liz, Kibster, TJ and Monroe
    Sylvan Lake, Alberta

  4. Hey, Mi,
    it's great when we find our real forever home, isn't it?!
    Tig and Mister in BC

  5. The stories on this blog always warm my heart and this one is particularly sweet. It's great to read about an alumni of the Sanctuary. To everyone there, keep up the good work, and please know that while we don't post comments really, we do read every story and absolutely love the blog. Very well written. And the photos are always fantastic. Best of the season to you all!

    Cecilia and Dennis

  6. Just last Christmas, this lovely sweet orange cat was unbelievably wandering around all alone and cold and unloved. What a difference for this Christmas! She now has a family who loves her dearly and a warm little corner of the world where she truly belongs. Such a great story about a couple who gave their hearts to these 2 abandoned kitties!

    Sarah and Bryce
    Victoria, BC