Friday, February 19, 2010

Canada Welcomes the World to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games!

It’s an exciting time in Canada, as we welcome the world’s best athletes to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games! Now you may think Vancouver isn’t exactly in our backyard, but the whole country has the Olympic spirit and everyone is excited about having such an enormous and important event being held here in Canada. Our Olympic Torch Relay which went from coast to coast, east to west, north to south, and was the largest ever held for any Olympics in history.

It’s been great watching our athletes, and we’ve still got more than half the games to go! It’s been paws up around here as we cheer on the Canadians!

The most unforgettable moment so far has been our first ever gold medal on home soil, as Alex Bilodeau captured Gold in the Men’s Moguls competition. There were meows and squeals of joy all over the sanctuary! And seeing some of our ladies follow suit and bring home gold as well has been great. We hope there are plenty more gold medals to come.

We’re especially proud of some local heroes who are representing Canada at the games. Silver Medallist in Women’s Moguls, Jennifer Heil’s hometown is just a few minutes drive from the Sanctuary! Jenn won gold four years so now has her second Olympic medal. Way to go Jenn!

Edmonton’s Bobsleigh King, Pierre Lueders, won gold and silver in past Olympics and will be going for even more Olympic medals later in the games. We wish him and his crew good luck!

Team Canada’s men’s curling team is also from Edmonton. Kevin Martin and crew are hoping to bring home the gold and have been doing great so far. We wish team Martin all the best – we’re meowing for you!

We really think there should be Olympics for cats. A lot of us here would have a good chance at medals in the following categories.

- Bird watching
- Quick cat nap
- Long Jump
- High Jump
- Speed chasing
- Toy catching
- Triathlon – which would consist of running, jumping and climbing

I think we’d all be contenders at many of these! I know I'd particularly be good at the cat nap....although I think I prefer a long catnap versus a short one!

But since we don’t have our own Olympics, we’ll continue to cheer on Team Canada in Vancouver. From all of us felines and the humans too, GOOD LUCK TEAM CANADA!

We believe!




  1. How awesome that you put something about the Olympics on here. I can tell you that things in Vancouver are CRAZY! The City is wild! We are having a great time. Haven't been to much though, it's very expensive, but did get to one event, my dad gave me his tickets from his work. We have been to some medal ceremonies, and that wickedest moment was seeing Bilodeau get the gold medal. The roof just about blew off the place, it was unreal! Have seen a number of athletes around town, spent a lot of time on Robson and even saw the US Vice President the other day (surrounded by security of course, but he was smiling adn looked happy). It's a great place to be living right now.

    Hillary and Destiny
    IN VANCOUVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great post and hilarious photos! And yahoo to Team Canada, another gold last night in Skeleton - we rock!

    As for kitty Olympics, we think "tail pouncing" would be another good sport. Sam would get gold, but poor Sadie would be the victim of the pouncing MOL!

    Sam (tail pouncer extraordinaire!) and Sadie

  3. Kitty on bobsled is hilarious! Feline olympics would be awesome. How about loudest purr? Loudest meow?

    Go Canada go!

  4. Watching Kevin Martin's team curl as I write this. We are big curling fans as one of Kevin's teammates lives just down the street from us.

    I don't remember the Olympics in Calgary being such a big deal as they are now. So much more enthusiasm and patriotism. Of course helps that we're winning more medals, but I think we should all be proud to be Canadian right now!

    The Wilsons

  5. What a fun blog! We've spent many hours reading through it all and love hearing the stories of the cats and the sanctuary. The videos are amazing, beautiful photography, heartwarming music. Wonderful site. Congratulations to all involved!

    Our granddaughter is an avid follower of this so passed on the link to us. We are retired so have lots of spare time so look forward to reading future stories.

    We too are following team Canada at the games and it's been a great year. Some say could be better, but the successes have been joyful. Last night we enjoyed watching Virtue and Moir become the first North American couple to win gold in the ice dancing! What a magnificent moment for Canada.

    Take care cats and we'll check back again soon for future stories.

    Lloyd and Helen Holloway and our sweetie pie Jelly Bean

  6. Hard to believe it's almost all over! Just getting ready to watch the closing ceremonies. What an amazing couple of weeks! We're so proud of all of our athletes. We may not have owned the podium, but we did own the gold medal spot.

    Thanks for the memories! It was an amazing Olympics Canada!

    Sharron and Nick