Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Tribute to Mittens

As the brilliant, insightful saying goes “There are no ordinary cats”. And, indeed, our cat Mittens was extraordinarily no ordinary cat!

From the time we found him as a little 5 week old feral kitten on December 3, 1999 up to the heartbreaking day that we lost him on October 28, 2008 he inspired us with his kindness and perceptive intelligence and kept us and our other cats entertained with his hilarious antics.

Therefore, as a lasting tribute to our beloved Mittens, it was only fitting that his image should grace the logo of our Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary which is dedicated to providing a safe, loving, permanent residence for homeless, abused and abandoned cats – cats that are feral, cats with injuries or medical disabilities and senior cats.

Forever in our hearts,

June and Walter
Founders of Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary

(Here is a special video tribute to Mittens)


  1. What a lovely tribute to Mittens.She was a very special kitty and you must have some great memories of her.Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. my comment above I referred to Mittens as a female. So sorry. Mittens was obvously a boy, and a very special one, with a great sense of humor. I love how he was always in a container of some kind. Sooo cute. :)

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  4. Mittens was so cute! And what a wonderful tribute to have his image on your logo. A lasting tribute to a special cat. Looks like he sure loved to get into things. Now his memory will live forever in the work done by the Sanctuary.

    Sam & Sadie

  5. June & Walter,
    Mittens was one of those magical cats, who once you met him, he embedded his spirit into your soul. He will always be remembered for his spunk, his sweetness, and his kind spirit.

    He left his paw-print on many hearts in his 9 years here on earth, and we know that he will be smiling down on you from heaven, so happy that you have created this amazing Sanctuary to care for so many.

    Sadly missed, fondly remembered, and never forgotten.

    With love,
    Hanna (and Hanna's Mom)

  6. This video made me laugh, smile and cry! Mittens was beautiful, and I'm so sorry you lost him. You are doing incredible work with this Sanctuary. Terrific tribute!

    Melissa and Griffin
    St. Albert

  7. What a special boy Mittens must have been! That mischievous sparkle in his eyes, and all those places he found in which to pose so happily to be remembered by all. He graced the world with his kind and mighty spirit.

  8. Mitten, Mittens, you were one special boy. You brought such joy to your human parents and now inspire them to do good for other cats. God bless you. Thank you for sharing Mittens with us through this fabulous tribute.


  9. This is hearbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time. So sad that sweet Mittens is now at the Rainbow Bridge, but heartwarming that his image graces the logo of this amazing sanctuary.
    We loved the photos of him in the video, that one on the tractor brought a big smile to all of us.

    The Wilsons

  10. Julie, Walter, your angel was, and still is, a beautiful soul. Full of love and light. I am so happy that he found such amazing parents for his years on earth...just as you love and cared for him, so he does you.

    My Oliver went to the Bridge just 7 days before your Mittens, and no doubt met him there.


  11. What a sweetie that Mittens was! So sorry that he's not with you anymore, but he obviously left a special place in your hearts. Terrific video tribute. Brought tears to our eyes seeing the incredible photos of Mittens.

    Jenn, Scott, Emily & Riley

  12. So sorry for your loss of Mittens. He looks like he was a spunky guy, love the photos, especially him in the veggie crisper and on top of the fridge.

    The logo is beautiful with Mittens' image!

    The Hoffmans
    Swift Current

  13. Mittens looks a lot like my childhood cat Huggy Bear. And he seems to have had the same adventurous personality, as Huggy also liked to climb up high on things.

    Mittens will never be forgotten, specially now that he's on the Forget me Not logo.

    RIP Mittens. And my condolences to the Sanctuary founders on the loss of their special buddy.

    Marlene & Jonesy

  14. Mittens was beautiful. Sigh...
    You people have big hearts for doing all you do to help the cats you take in.

    Keep up the great work!

    Deena, Joseph, Lilliana and Jessy

  15. This is a beautiful and touching video tribute to a cat who was clearly a special being. His memory will live on now in the hearts of everyone who has seen this, and in all the cats taken in by the sanctuary.

    Hillary and Destiny
    Vancouver BC
    Welcoming the World in 4 days!

  16. BRAVO! That's all I can say right now as my eyes are filled with tears and I can barely see the screen. This video is beautiful, the sanctuary is beautiful, this blog is beautiful!
    thanx for sharing Mittens and your hearts with us.

    Sylvia Winslow
    and my beautiful tabby girls Laverne and Shirley

  17. awesome, incredible! love the song too. it really fits the video show.
    never knew there was something like this right here in alberta.
    Toby Jones and Buddy