Friday, March 5, 2010

Great Gifts for Cat Lovers!

Today there are countless cat related products on the market, making wonderful gifts for yourself or that feline loving friend in your life. Whether it's a birthday, Mother's Day, or just-because, there are many great cat items out there that any cat lover would find absolutely purrfect. Here are some of our favorite suggestions for great gifts for cat lovers.

1. How about a fun, bright and colorful cat handbag or tote. There are tons of different varieties out there including abstract cats to adorable kittens, and every size imaginable. From cosmetic bags to huge totes, you can load up your belongings in a wonderful feline bag. The larger ones are great for a day at the beach, a stroll through the farmer's market, or carrying your things to and from work. How about taking your cat bag to the library and filling it up with wonderful cat related books!

2. If you like something a bit fancier, how about some cat related jewelry? You can find everything from pendants to earrings to bracelets and brooches. From costume style to fine diamond and gemstone products, there surely is something to tempt your feline fancy. You can even find pieces that have your cat's birthstone on them, or you can have them engraved with your cat's name. They make wonderful pieces to wear every day, or as special keepsakes in honor or in memory of a beloved feline friend.

3. You can't walk into a gift shop or home decore store these days without finding many cat related ornaments, from glass or crystal cats, to cats on cups and mugs, to delightful teapots. One of our favorite lines is the "Miss Priss" collection which was popular about 50 years ago. They have even made reproductions now as the line was so popular and the older pieces hard to find now as cat collectors are scooping up the originals.

4. What cat lover wouldn't love a subscription to a cat related magazine, like Cat Fancy or one of the many others available. They make for great reading, are very educational and have spectacular photos. There's nothing like getting a new edition every month to get your fix on reading all about felines.

5. Our absolute favorite gifts for cat lovers are personalized photo gifts. There are many companies out there there can transform your digital cat photos of your own special feline friend onto an assortment of wonderful keepsake pieces. The options are limitless! You can have your cat's image appear on everything from clothing to clocks, notebooks to placemats, coasters to table tops, playing cards to calendars, nightlights to blankets. One of our favorites is the traditional photo book which allows you to include numerous photos of your favorite feline companions. They make great gifts for friends and family, and wonderful keepsakes for the cat owner. There's nothing like having a coffee table book of photos to share with your guests.

Hope all is well with our readers. From all of us here are the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary!


  1. Great suggestions! We made a photo book about a year ago of all of our pets, past and present and it really is a great memory keeper.

    The Wilsons

  2. Photo gifts really are awesome. You can even get some really small things like magnets. We ordered a bunch and sent them out with our xmas cards this year to our friends and family.

    Love the teapot. Our Mom says she remembers those from when she was young.

    Sam and Sadie

  3. What wonderful ideas!

    We've done up several photo calendars over the years, and they are always a hit!

    Lloyd and Helen

  4. That teapot is so cute! I have a collection of crystal cat ornaments, over 100 in fact. Major dust collectors, but I adore them all.

    There sure are a lot of cat items out there :-)


  5. LOL I was surprized to see Miss Pris Teapot on the site. I have a set of the original Miss Pris including the covered butter dish.

    I love to give cat related items to my friends.

    Happy Birthday Forget me Not. You are wonderful to save all these cats. :)