Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome to the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary!

Hello everyone, my name is Creamsicle and welcome to our blog! I will be your host here and will keep you posted on activities at the Sanctuary as well as introduce you to the cool kitties that call Forget Me Not home.

You can read all about the sanctuary at I have to tell you that I think it is the most pawsitively purrfect place ever! But let me tell you a bit about me.

I am proud to be one of the original residents here at Forget Me Not. I love it here! Before finding my forever home here, I was found on the street by a kind elderly woman who took me to a local veterinary clinic. She had no transportation and asked the hospital staff if they could deliver me to the Edmonton pound. As I was seriously injured with many wounds and scrapes and abscesses, they chose instead to treat me at the hospital.

The nice folks at the pet hospital found that I had a microchip, but as my previous owners hadn't kept their information current, they could not be found. It was a tough life for me being on my own. I remembered fondly having a home, and humans to love me. But I'd been all alone for a while. It was sad, and I had to find food and water and shelter all on my own. I had some not so friendly encounters with other critters. I was so scared sometimes, wondering if I'd ever find a forever home again. Or even if I would survive at all!

Then one amazing day I found myself at Forget Me Not. I couldn't believe this place! There was tons of great food, clean water, lots of comfy places to sleep and oodles of toys to play with. There were even many other "lost souls" like me who'd also been blessed to find themselves permanent residents at Forget Me Not. And we have such wonderful humans here to give us lots of love, affection and kindness.

Oh sure, we have some kitties that are deemed adoptable and do end up in other homes, but most of the old, sick or feral kitties, or those who've been through so much in their lives that yet another change would only do more to damage their spirits, end up spending the rest of our lives at Forget Me Not.

When I first came to Forget Me Not, the humans said I had a sad look in my eyes. I guess that's true - I'd been through so much, but I so love it here and am so lucky to be living at this amazing place. There were a few times early on when I'd hear one of the humans talk about adoption (which really made me sad as I love the sanctuary) but the humans realized that since I'd been through so many sad changes and upheavals in my short life, that it would be too traumatic for me to have to leave yet another home where I belonged and was loved. So they decided to make me a permanent resident, and I've been one happy cat ever since!

So now you know about me. I have so many great friends here and I look forward to introducing them to you in the future.

In the meantime, here's a video for you to enjoy, and you'll get to see lots of my feline friends. Oh by the way, you'll see my picture first and last in the video. I'm the handsome orange and white fellow.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post. When the humans asked me to do this, I figured what the heck - if a computer comes with a mouse, it must be a good thing!

Enjoy the video - and check back for more from me soon!




  1. Creamsicle, you are one well spoken cat! I loved seeing the video, you have many really cute friends. You are all adorable. The sanctuary sounds like a wonderful place to live. Congratulations on your first blog post and we look forward to many more.

    Sadie and Sam
    Edmonton, Alberta

  2. Dear Creamsicle
    You are a very handsome boy and have so many wonderful friends. Thank you for letting us visit our very special home. We will check in often to see what you are up to.

    Brandy, Harley and Maxie in Florida

  3. Creamsicle, we love your name! Hope that you have a lot of fun in your home. We do in ours.
    Kitty hugs,
    Tigger and Mister,
    Surrey, BC

  4. Nice Blog Creamsicle! The cat sanctuary sounds like a wonderful place.

    Watson in Toronto

  5. Creamsicle, thank you for sharing with us. Your home looks wonderful, and the pictures of all of your housemates are great! I love that the eyes come through and shine in each picture so you can see that all the cats are comfortable and content in their home. I look forward to keeping up with your blog.


  6. Creamsicle,
    I love your blog! You're doing a brilliant job of keeping all us blogger cats entertained. I especially like to help my Mom when she's working on her computer. My brother and sister, well they like to lay on her desk and mess up all her papers. Mom told me about the great cookie recipes and I can't wait for her to make them! Keep up the good work in keeping us cool cats updated on the events of the sanctuary. I'll definitely be a frequent visitor!


    Baby (and my bother and sister, Mario & Caley)

  7. Hi Creamsicle,
    Love the slideshow! Thanks for sharing with everyone the beautiful cats of the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary. I hope everyone that watches it will take a moment, as I did, to reflect on how the power of kindness and compassion can change the world for those unable to change it for themselves.

    Virginia Marando
    Pet Rescue Magazine

  8. This sanctuary is just unbelievable!! We have been through this wonderful website that shares to us all that is done for all of your beautiful cats. The love that you all show for what you have created at the sanctuary gives us hope that there are more compassionate people out there than thoughtless, selfish people. Bless you all and we love 'Creamsicle's' Blog. Will let you know how our cats like the recipe's. Thanks for doing this and will look forward to updates.

    Dave and Judy

  9. What a great addition to the website. I have enjoyed on the blogs and my cats were partically fond of the recipes for treats. We are praying that tiny little Mocha will gain some weight and get better so she can go back to playing with all her kitten friends.