Saturday, August 22, 2009

Meet Ginger!

Hi everyone, I am Ginger! I’ve been at Forget Me Not for a while now, and I just love it here. Like many of my friends here at the sanctuary, I had a rough start to my life.

I was found wandering outside a motorcycle shop during some of the coldest winter weather we’ve ever had in these parts. A kind gentleman who worked at the shop noticed me struggling to stay alive in the frigid weather and he bundled me up and took me home in his van. He and his wife love cats and had a senior cat of their own who had gone to the Rainbow Bridge some time before. They were kind people and treated me to a can of tuna. It was the finest feast I’d ever had! They could see I was weak and thin and desperately in need of medical attention. They called the people at Forget Me Not who came to take care of me.

A check-up at the veterinarian revealed that I had some vitamin deficiencies due to nearly starving to death, and that I’d experienced some trauma to my tail. At the time, I was only about a year old, but my struggles to survive had aged me way beyond my years – they said I had the look in my eyes of a frail old senior kitty.

I had a long road to a healthy recovery. It began with feeding me small quantities of food, several times a day. I got to rest in a special recovery room at the sanctuary in the main cat cottage. I could hear other kitties on the other side of the recovery room door and I wondered - who was out there? Would I get to meet them? Would they be my friends?

Once I got stronger, I got to meet the other cats. I was nervous at first, but it was amazing! I am a very friendly little girl and I was so happy that they all liked me! And I liked them all right away too. I felt like I’d know them all forever! Many came up to me and introduced themselves right away, with a little rub or peck on my nose. I became fast friends with all the residents in the cat cottage.

A while later, I did have a medical setback as the trauma on my tail refused to heal. Half of my tail ended up being amputated, but now the tiny stubby tail that’s left is the only reminder of the battle scars I suffered as a starving, homeless and lonely little soul.

Forget Me Not is my home now. My forever home. I enjoy spending my days lounging in the sun both in the cottage and in the outdoor fenced enclosure. I love to roll on the cement, or play in the grass. And I love spending time with my feline friends.

Thank you Forget Me Not, for rescuing me and giving me a loving place to live.




  1. Ginger, you are a very pretty girl!! How wonderful that you have a safe, forever home now, and never have to be cold and sick again. Give all your friends head bonks from us here in Florida.
    Linda,Brandy, Harley and Maxie

  2. Ginger, you are very beautiful. My coat is similar to yours (this is Sadie speaking). Looks like you are really enjoying yourself watching out that nice bright window.

    Sam & Sadie
    Edmonton, Alberta

  3. judy and cat friendsAugust 30, 2009 at 7:18 PM

    thank heavens for people who see cats in need and do something about it like the guy in the motorcycle shop.glad to see you have a great home now.