Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meet Isabella!

Hello everyone, I am Isabella. I am one of the senior citizens here at Forget Me Not. I am now 17 years old, and have been at the sanctuary since June 22, 2009.

My story is a bit different from those of my friends who you have read about here. I had wonderful human parents who adopted me when I was just a little kitten. Mr. and Mrs. R are kind and loving people who cared for me for 17 wonderful years. But just like us felines, people age too, and Mr. and Mrs. R became seniors themselves. Earlier this spring they made the decision to purchase a home at a seniors’ complex in British Columbia, and sadly, like many other human retirement homes, they were not allowed to bring any companion pets.

Mr. and Mrs. R love me dearly and wanted to ensure that I would have a good home to go to, somewhere I could spend the rest of my golden years. They searched tirelessly to find someone to take care of me. Their friends did not wish to be saddled with potentially large vet bills which often accompany a pet in their senior years. They were told by humane societies and rescue groups that chances would be slim of me being adopted into new home through the regular venues, and that I could end up being euthanized. As a last resort, their son said he would take me in, but I would have had to live in the basement, because he has serious allergies.

I could see the worry in their eyes as they tried and tried to find me my next forever home.

Then one glorious day they stumbled upon the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary, which had room for another senior kitty in their “Seniors Cottage”, a sort of “Old Folks’ Home for Cats”. Everyone living in the seniors cottage has senior-friendly food, and is given vigilant veterinary attention due to their advancing age.

Mr. & Mrs. R knew they had found my “forever retirement home”!

It was a tearfully bittersweet morning when I was surrendered to the sanctuary – tearful for Mr. and Mrs. R saying good-bye to me, and tearful for the sanctuary owners, imaging the feeling of abandonment that I would be experiencing, along with the adjustment to new voices, sounds and surroundings, and having to leave behind all that had become familiar to me for so long. It broke my heart to say good-bye to them, but I could sense the kindness and love from my new human parents, and knew that I would be in good hands.

The first few weeks at the sanctuary, I pretty much kept to myself. I was a little lost soul. I was shy around the other senior kitties and spent a lot of time hiding under the couch when I heard any sound. The humans were patient with me and gave me time to adjust to my new home.

But in time, I made friends with the other elderly cats, and I blossomed back into the cheerful girl I have always been. I now really enjoy living in the Seniors Cottage and spend my days venturing out into the sunny grassed courtyard, chasing butterflies and watching birds at the nearby feeder.

I have some wonderful roommates too – they are all so sweet. There is 16 year old Henry, 16 year old Annie, 16 year old Mimi, 13 year old Gracie and 12 year old Boots. They are wonderful friends and we all enjoy spending time together, lounging about on the comfy furniture, or soaking up some rays of sunshine through the bright windows.

If I could say something to Mr. and Mrs. R now I’d tell them, thank you! Thank you for not tossing me aside when you could no longer care for me. Thank you for taking the time to find me just the right place to spend my golden years. And thank you for loving me enough to let me go to Forget Me Not.

I have many wonderful memories of my life with them, and look forward to many happy years ahead here at Forget Me Not.




  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful home you provide for these cats. This particular story was so sweet! God bless you!

  2. Such a heartwarming story! I wish all companion animals were so lucky.

  3. I love senior's and glad she found such a loving place to live out her life.

  4. Isabella, you are beautiful and very lucky. We're happy you like your new home at the cat sanctuary. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Sam & Sadie
    Edmonton, Alberta

  5. judy and cat friendsAugust 30, 2009 at 6:35 PM

    I'm glad there is a place for senior cats to go to, after they reach a certain age and are no longer playful, most people want to just get rid of them. I hope more people read this and realize pets are not disposable.

  6. Isabella,
    You are such a beautiful girl and don't look senior at all!! You must have had a wonderful life and have had the best care possible. I wish you many more happy years, and am relieved you are in a sunny place instead of a gloomy basement.