Monday, September 28, 2009

Mocha Goes to the Dentist - an Update on Baby Mocha!

Guess who? It’s ME, Mocha!

I want to thank everyone so much for thinking of me and keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I could feel your love and kindness and it’s really helping me on my road to recovery. While I’m not completely out of the woods yet, I am holding my own. And I want to thank my good friend Creamsicle for posting my story and update.

I’ve had a very busy week! Last Monday, I went to the dentist! The humans here were concerned that I might be having some trouble eating, so my regular vet recommended that I go to see Dr. Martin Sheibel, a specialist in Dentistry at the Mayfield Veterinary Hospital. He’s such a nice and kind man! I wasn’t even scared there at all, he was gentle with me. He examined my jaw and looked at my teeth to see if there were any deformities or problems.

They decided not to do any x-rays on me, because of my tiny size, but Dr. Sheibel noted that my teeth were growing in exactly as they should be, and my little jaw was perfectly aligned. He was amazed though at how small I am, and how tiny my teeth are, for being almost three months old. He feels that my situation is much like that of a premature-born infant (human of course!) who would be a bit behind developmentally for a considerable time, always vulnerable to various health problems. Since I was found in a ditch the humans don’t know if I was premature or not, but it is a definite possibility. My main struggle right now is gaining enough wait so that I can be fully vaccinated, in order to fight off any potential problems that might come my way. Dr. Sheibel noted that a big positive is that I am a bundle of energy! I am also very curious and have bright sparkling eyes! So it sounded like a pretty good report to me!

Then on Wednesday I went to see my regular doctor at the Stony Plain Veterinary Clinic. It was just a routine follow-up appointment, but everyone there is always happy to see me. The people there are very kind and sweet to me. I really don’t mind going to the doctor – it’s not bad at all!

So as of now I weigh 725 grams, about a pound and a half. So I am still very small for my age. I look more like a one month old kitten than a three month old! But as long as I keep eating and drinking, and gaining even a bit of weight each day, then I am heading in the right direction.

My doctor said I should still stay at home base in isolation for a couple weeks or so yet. You would think that would be depressing, but it’s really fun, because I get extra spoiled by the humans, and I have lots of visitors. I’m not contagious or anything, I just need some quiet time so I can get lots of sleep and work on increasing my food intake. But I do get occasional visits from one of the other young kittens. “Baby Charlie” is my new friend. She’s not too much older than me, although she is quite a bit bigger. But we are becoming good friends. She comes in to my special room and we get to sniff each other, and play. I really enjoy our visits.

And my human Godmother has been visiting me too. I just love our visits. She gives me lots of cuddles and kisses, and I like to curl up and snooze on her chest. I just love to cuddle and will purr like a tractor! She also brought me the neatest gift, it’s a pretty pink little chair from her cat Hanna. I love this chair – it’s so soft and cozy and I love to relax on it. I also love to climb it and dive-bomb the seat, catching the imaginary mouse that sometimes sits on the chair. I’ve also spent a lot of time playing with my favorite toy, the Cat ‘N Mouse (as featured in Creamsicle’s Favorite Toy List further down in this blog). It’s a great toy, and that mouse really is hard to catch. But I have really good paw-eye coordination and can make him stop no matter how fast he’s spinning!

So as you can tell, I’m doing a lot better. It’s a slow process, the humans say, but they are patient with me and are helping me get better one day at a time.

I want to thank you all again for continuing to send me well wishes. I know they are helping! I’ll write you again soon and let you know how I’m doing. In the meantime, here’s a little video of me, you can see some of my new photos, and also get to see me in action!

Talk to you later my friends!

Tiny meows,



  1. Little Baby Mocha
    You sure are a special little bundle and I'm glad you have a wonderful home. Even if you don't get big like other cars you can have a wonderful, healthy life. I'm glad the doctors don't scare you. Eat lots of food so you can go and play with the other cats.

    From the Purrgangsters

  2. Mocha you are adorable and we are so glad you are doing better. We loved seeing your new video, the photos are spectacular and you are so sweet in motion. Sending head bonks and lots of love to you as you continue on your road to recovery.

    Sam & Sadie
    Edmonton, Alberta

  3. So glad to see you are doing better. You are very active in the video so you must be getting stronger. Keep it up little one!

    Shawna, Rick & Muggins the cat, Ringo the dog & Pipsqueak the bunny

  4. Seeing you so playful makes me smile, and tells me that you have been a good girl and are paying attention to eating.

    Looking forward to seeing you grow.

    Purrs form California
    Dyan & all the cats
    Conner, Lissa, Smokey and Tucker

  5. Baby Mocha! We are really happy to see you so busy catching all the imaginary mice in your Sanctuary! We were both rescued by our forever mom and dad, and what lucky days those were. Your safe place is so wonderful, and full of forevers!
    Keep eating, little one,
    Tig and Mister, still in California

  6. Mocha you are a little sweetheart! Keep on getting stronger and one day you can play with the big kitties.
    Barney & Daisy, from Wisconsin and our mom

  7. Mocha, you adorable kitty, it was so much fun to watch you playing on your pink chair and exploring around. I am glad Hanna gave that chair to you; I can tell you enjoy it. It is good to see you are growing stronger. I hope you continue to get stronger and healthier. Please keep us updated on how you are doing.
    Hugs & Purrs,
    Vickie & the Kitties

  8. I'm so happy to see how well you are doing. Way to go baby girl.
    Kiwi, Cougar & the gang

  9. We are so excited to see that you are getting well
    LOL Callie & Matchewan

  10. Mocha, I just got to see your video, and I just want to pick you up and cuddle you! You are absolutely precious! Please keep eating and grow strong so that you can play with the more kitties. They will certaily have fun with you!
    Love from Theresa in Missouri

  11. Mocha, Sending you great big hugs. You are such a cute kitty, and it's wonderful to know that you're becoming stronger every day. Leonor