Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Adorable Adoptables!

Hello folks! I am Cheddar, one of the adorable adoptables here at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary. I’m one of the many cats that are looking for forever homes. I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and share some photos and videos with you of me and my friends.

I’m here because my previous owners moved into an apartment where pets were not allowed, so they had to give me up. I was really sad about this, and they were too. But I’m having lots of fun here at the Sanctuary while I wait for the right person to come along and adopt me.

I am one year old, so I have plenty of great years ahead to share with my future owner. I’m quiet, but very friendly, and I get along great with the other cats here at the Sanctuary. I love to play and am very gentle. I love attention and am very sweet and affectionate. I do have a special skill – I’ve learned to stand on my two hind legs and reach up for a pat on the head, which works like a charm!

As you can see, I have sparkling eyes, and a beautiful silky coat, which is great for petting.

If you are looking for a new companion, look no further than Forget Me Not. Me and my friends are anxious to find new homes, and hope that you will consider taking one of us into your lives and your hearts. There are several adult cats waiting for new owners, and we also have several kittens up for adoption right now. And in October, five more kittens will join the ranks of our adorable adoptables. So surely there must be someone here that you can fall in love with!

The neat thing is that if you adopt one of us, you will not only be helping us, but you’ll be opening a spot for another cat to join the Sanctuary.

Up to date information on our adoptions can be found on our website at

Here is a little video so you can see us in action! Hope you enjoy it!




  1. Just came across this site. Your place is amazing and you have beautiful cats who live there and also up for adoption. Congratulations to the people behind this great sanctuary.


  2. They are all beautiful, I want to take them all home!

    Sherwood Park

  3. Wonderful place and a wonderful sanctuary, thanks for sharing it with us. We'll check back again soon.

    The Wilson Family