Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer at the Sanctuary

Hi everyone, Creamsicle here! It's been a great year and an exceptionally awesome summer here at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary.

This summer saw the construction of two new buildings: the Little Red Barn and the Little Gray Barn. Both now house some of my wonderful friends like Baxter, seen here.

Both of these new additional buildings have their own exterior courtyards which can also be opened up so that the cats from both houses can play together if they wish. One of the cats living next door to Baxter and friends is Libby 2. She's such a beautiful girl you can see why Baxter and his roommates are smitten with her, and often chat between back and forth across the chain link fence.
Life in the main cat cottage, where I live, has been great. We've enjoyed the beautiful weather and spend a ton of time in the outdoor enclosures. Some days have been so hot that we even have to come in to cool off. As you can see, my friend Tabby has taken a break from the heat, by cooling down on the floor, seen here.

My friend Susie really enjoys the many perches and climbing areas in the outdoor enclosure, as you can see from this photo. Isn't she adorable!
And my buddy Fritzie has decided that this set of steps is his favorite "cool-down" spot, where he can often be seen relaxing in the shade of the building.

Whitey takes time out from sunbathing to do a little self-manicure. His "lion shave" sure kept him cool through the hottest days of the summer. It looks cute and really suits you Whitey!

My friends in the Seniors Cottage welcomed a new resident this summer. As you can see, Gracie is settling in nicely!

Annie enjoys the sunshine from her favorite window in the Seniors Cottage. A sweet and loving little girl, she is always up for visitors, and is happy to pose for the camera.
The gang at Leroy's House has enjoyed a relaxing summer. Leroy himself, a laid back, gentle fellow enjoys some R&R on his favorite couch.

And of course an afternoon nap is a must on any cat's summer agenda. Here you can see Tabby, Whitey and Mama all taking a break from a busy day of play, while Misty snoozes on the table behind them.

This summer also saw the addition of Romeo to the Cat Cottage. He is a sweet and wonderful friend and we all really love having him as part of our feline family.

As for me.....well I've been busy with my new blog! I've really enjoyed writing and I hope you all are enjoying reading my posts.

I wanted to share this video with you. I call it "Summer at the Sanctuary" and you can see the many buildings that make up Forget Me Not, and also many of us in action this summer.

We hope you are having a great summer too!




  1. WOW! The place looks really nice, lots of fun climbing spots and lots of nice green grass. We loved seeing all the cats in action, especially you Creamsicle!

    Sam & Sadie
    Edmonton, Alberta

  2. Creamsicle, your home sounds fabulous, and I wish all the kitties that have no forever home would find just such a place to live. My boys, now 13 1/2 (was taken to be euthanised at my vet's when he was 8 1/2) and 4 (was a stray, until 3 years ago!) found their forever home with me, but I hurt for the old and abandoned animals left without the love you are so obviously getting!

    From Donna
    British Columbia
    (your fame spreads far and wide, Creamsicle, just like Forget Me Not Sanctuary!)