Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meet Dexter!

Hey there folks! I’m Dexter, one of the cool dudes here at Forget Me Not.

I’ve been at the Sanctuary since early January of 2009, and boy was I happy to come here! As you can see from my photo, I am a very handsome fellow! But don’t ask my age….to be honest, I’m not sure! I can’t quite remember when I was born and the vets haven’t been able to pin down my age. When they see my teeth, they figure I’m still a pretty young dude, but from my calloused paws, knobby-jointed tail and general wear-and-tear, they guess closer to elderly.

My memories of life before Forget Me Not are pretty fuzzy. I vaguely remember going for a car ride one day, the car slowing down, doors opening, and then I landed with a thud on the cold hard pavement. It was winter, and very cold and I walked for days and days through deep snow and icy sidewalks, tromped on sharp gravel, trying to find my way home. My ears were frostbitten and the pads on my paws were bleeding and raw.

One night, the cold and driving snow became unbearable! I found an old plastic tarp that had blown into a gas station parking lot, so I huddled under it, shivering and trying to keep warm. The next thing I knew, someone was tugging at the tarp, and I was being lifted up by gentle hands which were trembling with emotion. Was it an angel? I learned that angel’s name, because someone called to her “Michelle, you’re going to freeze!” My memories after that become pretty fuzzy again, as I spent months recovering at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary, where this angel brought me.

It took a long time for me to heal from all that I’d been through, but the humans there were kind and gentle with me and ensured I got the best possible veterinary care, great food, and lots of TLC. They could see in my eyes that I was a gentle soul, and that I had a kind heart. Because I’d gone through so much suffering and uncertainty in my life, they decided to make me a permanent resident here at the Sanctuary.

I just love it here – this is the coolest place on the planet! I have lots of pals here and just love hanging out with them, and exploring the terrain in the outdoor enclosure. I get along well with all of the other cool cats here, and many of the younger kids have adopted me as their kind and gentle grandfather. The humans say I even have a calming influence on the other cats that live in the Main Cat Cottage with me. Can you believe there are 26 of us? It’s a great group and I love them all.

So as summer winds down and winter can surely not be far away, this year I won’t have to worry about tromping through snow, or feeling the pain of frostbitten ears. Instead, I will always be where it’s warm and toasty, surrounded by my buddies, wonderful humans, and lots of love here at Forget Me Not.

Big meows,



  1. Thanks for telling us your story Dexter. It is such a terrible mystery how some humans can be so cruel and heartless. I am so glad you crossed paths with everyone at and associated with the sanctuary. You deserve nothing but the best.

    Dave and Judy

  2. Dexter you are handsome, that's for sure. We are both intrigued by your good looks. But don't worry - we are both girls. Sam is short for Samantha!

    So glad you ended up there, you deserve such a wonderful place to live.

    Sam & Sadie
    Edmonton, Alberta