Saturday, September 12, 2009

Prayers and Well Wishes Needed for Baby Mocha

Hello friends of Forget Me Not, it’s me, Creamsicle. I’m writing today to ask for your prayers and well wishes for one of the Forget Me Not Cats. Little Mocha is very sick.

Back in August someone came across a tiny little kitten in a ditch on a remote country road. They took the little kitten to an animal control officer at a rural pound. The poor little one was found all by herself, no sign of Mom or any siblings. We can only imagine what tragedy befell her mother and littermates. As she was so tiny, the pound asked the Sanctuary to take her.

So on August 6th, Mocha came to Forget Me Not. She was about a month old at the time, so she is now about two months old. Baby Mocha was vet-checked as soon as she left the pound, but she couldn’t be vaccinated due to her tiny size. She weighed only 600 grams, slightly more than a pound. At the Sanctuary, she appeared to eat and drink well, but another vet-check three weeks later indicated that instead of gaining weight as one would expect, she had actually lost a few grams.

During the following week, she lost another 100 grams, and after having several bouts of vomiting and diarrhea, she was admitted to the Emergency Vet Clinic during the Labor Day Weekend. She was very dehydrated and was immediately put on IV fluids. A barrage of tests were conducted but the reason for Mocha’s illness could not be narrowed down. FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) could not be ruled out, a diagnosis which is effectively a death sentence to a cat. Because her mother was likely an emaciated stray, she was not able to pass on proper immunity to her babies, and therefore Mocha was sadly highly susceptible to falling prey to many bacteria and viruses.

Once little Mocha was re-hydrated and received treatments and medications for the vomiting and diarrhea, she was discharged back to the Sanctuary three days later. She is now in an isolation room receiving around the clock care and monitoring.

Since leaving the hospital at 500 grams, Mocha is gaining weight. In fact the first day alone, she gained 40 grams and her weight is now at 575 grams. She has been eating voraciously as if she knows that a major factor to her overcoming her illness, whatever it is, lies in her ability to put some flesh on her tiny body.

This tiny bundle which is baby Mocha has an amazing spirit and is a real little survivor. She is fighting for her life, which is hanging by a thread. The obstacles she has faced in her short life have not broken her will to live. Nor have her struggles broken her kind and sweet spirit. She is a loving and affectionate little girl and will climb up to snuggle with the humans at the Sanctuary.

We are all very worried about this precious little darling, and would ask that you please keep little baby Mocha in your thoughts and prayers. We really believe that the power of prayer and positive thoughts will go a long way in her recovery.

I promise to keep you posted with updates on how she is doing. In the meantime, thank you for your thoughts and good wishes for our tiniest resident.




  1. Sending lots of prayers for little Mocha, she is adorable and must be a little fighter to have come this far. Please give her a big hug for me.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with this tiny little girl. She is so precious and I hope she can win this battle. What a face!

    purrs and hugs

  3. C'mon little Mocha!! Be strong and eat hearty! We'll be praying for you to have a long, happy and healthy life.

  4. Prayers and love to the wee Mocha. No kitty should have to battle for life!

    from a Canadian in Califoria, with one of her kitties helping type to send his prayers for her, too.

  5. Our thoughts and prayers go out to little Mocha.

  6. We are hoping for all the best for little Mocha, such a sweet and brave little kitten. She is very much loved by all who know her or now know about her through the blog. We all hope for a long and happy life for her.

  7. Sending prayers from Missouri for little Mocha! She is adorable!

  8. Mario, Chaley, and Baby are sending little Mocha hugs & kisses for a speedy recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  9. Little Mocha is in my thoughts and prayers. Healing energy is being sent her way. I hope that she will continue to grow stronger by the day. Purrz and Hugs Baby Mocha.

  10. We are pulling you for Mocha! Our parents lit a candle for you in church yesterday. The pastor likes animals so thought it was a special gesture. Take care little one!

    Sam & Sadie
    Edmonton, Alberta

  11. We are holding Mocha close in our hearts as she battles her illness. Please get well sweetheart!

    Shawna & Rick & Muggins the cat, Ringo the dog & Pipsqueak the bunny

  12. Get well soon Mocha! Sending you lots of hugs, kisses and prayers (and paws crossed by Barney & Daisy)

  13. All of us pussycats are cheering for you, Baby Mocha, and we hope that you get better and better every day. We are sending you our love and prayers wrapped in furry hugs and purrs!
    Love from a big bunch of rescued cats

  14. All of us here are sending many prayers and only the best wishes for you baby Mocha. You are loved and very special. Keep eating and gaining weight!

    Sandy and Pooh B.

  15. Hurry up and get better baby girl, I can't wait to meet you and snuggle you!!

    Michelle ( Bailey, Riley and Charlie )

  16. Little Mocha,
    I am praying very hard for you to get much stronger every day. What a delightful baby you are.
    Linda and the Purrgangsters

  17. You are always in our thoughts Babycakes. Hoping you grow big and healthy soon.
    Deb & Kids

  18. Hi Baby Mocha!! Just wanted to say you are in our thoughts prayers and we hope you grow big and strong like all your fellow sanctuary pussycats!!! We all love looking at our schedule and seeing your name on there, it makes us all very excited! Hang in there baby girl and keep up the good work!! Love and Hugs from Meg, Melvin, Larry and the crew at the SPVC!!