Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update on Baby Mocha

Hello everyone, Creamsicle here. First let me thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes for my little friend Mocha. All of us kitties at the Sanctuary as well as the humans here really appreciate your kindness and caring about baby Mocha, and it really meant a lot to us to read the wonderful comments you left following the post about her illness.

As promised, I wanted to update you on how she’s doing. Following my last post, Mocha continued to eat. She ate a lot those first couple of days, maybe too much....because she did end up throwing up most of her food that first night. But she’s been gaining weight and is on target, or even slightly better, than what the vet indicates she should be gaining. Her weight stayed at 575 grams the first couple days, then from Monday to Wednesday she was gaining about 20 grams per day. As of now, her weight is 635 grams. So she has been progressing in the right direction.

She’s eating a bit less now though and is not too interested in drinking water, so the humans are giving her little drinks every few hours with a syringe. She is also getting a little extra fluid, as the humans are giving her some of the gravy from her kitten food as well.

Although she is still a very sick little kitty, her spirits are great and she purrs practically non-stop! The only day she seemed rather lethargic was the day she threw up, but her physical activity level has improved since then. She loves company and human contact and is very content when she is cuddled. Her favorite place to curl up is in the bend of a human’s elbow. Now this may not seem the most comfortable place, but if you try and move her to a comfier location, she’ll climb right back up onto the elbow. Being that she is in isolation, the humans spend as much time with her as they possibly can. She also has been receiving extra attention from two twin teenaged girls (Meagan and Nicole) who love cats and have been dropping by to see her as much as they can, spending time with her and cuddling her, which they all enjoy.

So while she’s doing OK she’s not out of the woods yet. It’s very important that she continue to eat and keep gaining weight. The coming days and weeks will be critical to Mocha’s survival. The folks here at Forget Me Not are doing all they can for her – by ensuring she is getting the best medical care possible, and the tenderness and kindness she deserves. We hope and pray this will help her find her way to a full recovery.

So we would very much appreciate if you could continue to keep little Mocha in your thoughts and prayers. Your good wishes have helped her recovery thus far we are sure, and have also warmed the hearts of everyone here at Forget Me Not, to know that there are so many kind people out there behind our little girl.

Thanks so much for your support, and I will continue to keep you updated on baby Mocha’s progress.




  1. Baby Mocha
    So many are praying for your full recovery so please keep eating and drinking. We all want you to have a happy kitten life and grow to be a beautiful adult. Hang in there babycat. We love you.

    The Purrgangsters

  2. hey we both hope that Mocha is doing really well we hope 2 come again and drop in again soon and see her again. We give our wishes and best luck 4 a quick recovery

    Love Nicole and Megan

  3. Mocha-kitty,
    we boys here (from BC but it California with our human mom and dad) hope you keep on eating and growing. We know that we're all keeping pawsitive thoughts for you, and for all your friends at the Sanctuary, furred and human!
    Tigger and Mister,
    2 rescued kitties with their forever home!

  4. Hi Baby Mocha!

    What a little champ you are! Keep up the hard work and keep getting better. You have lots of friends that love you and are praying for your full recovery. Bless all the angels who are caring for you and looking after you.

    We'll check on you soon. Love to you from the States!
    Sandy and Pooh B.

  5. Please keep getting better Mocha. We are pulling for you. Keep eating and drinking and getting strong.

    Shawna, Rick & Muggins the cat, Ringo the dog & Pipsqueak the bunny

  6. Hang in there Mocha, keep it up keep getting well. We are praying for you!

    Sam & Sadie

  7. thx for the update on mocha, may she continue to get better

  8. We hope you keep getter better and better Mocha.

    The Wilsons

  9. Hang in there little Mocha, there are lots of people pulling for you.

    Dyan and the Kits
    Conner, Lissa, Smokey and Tucker