Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet Molly Malone!

Hello friends, I am Molly Malone! It is a pleasure to meet you all! I arrived at Forget Me Not on January 7, 2009 and just love calling this place home.

The folks here are not sure how old I am as my vet records say I was born 00/00/00, so no one is quite sure when I came into this world, and I can’t quite recall myself.

The farthest back I can remember was being lost and trying to find my way back home. I bumped into a mean old dog when I tried to snitch some food from his bowl, and escaped with only a few scratches, but his claw got me right in the eye! Boy, did it hurt, and it really got infected. In time, it did heal, but I could never again see from that eye. And where it was scratched, it left a terrible scar. But the humans here say it doesn’t distract from my beauty.

I was lucky enough to come across a nice yard where a kind old man lived, and there was a nice warm doghouse in the yard. Fortunately for me, the doghouse had no resident dog, but there were bowls of water and crunchy cat food left out that were free for the taking for me and some of the other stray cats in that neighborhood. Every night at supper, the kind old man put out a few dishes of canned food for us too.

As Fall turned into Winter, day by day, we noticed that the old man was becoming more and more feeble. Then a sign went up on the front yard. It said “For Sale”, then lots of strangers came to look at the house. Next thing we knew someone pasted a bright red “Sold” sign over the old one, and then the man moved away to something called a “seniors home”. Before we knew it, the nice warm doghouse disappeared and the food stopped coming. The other cats stopped coming around to the yard, but I stood my ground, right where the doghouse used to be, and refused to go away.

A while later, some strangers took me for a car ride and I found myself at an animal pound. I was scared and confused, but I did my best to show off my sweetest, most-charming smile and fluffed up my whiskers and purred when anyone came into the room to have a look at me and the other cats. But it seemed that whenever someone looked at my wounded eye, it scared them off. That made me very sad, because I am a very sweet girl yet it seemed like no one wanted to give me a chance.

Then one glorious day, some nice people came by, and didn’t frown when they saw my eye. Instead, they said I was a lovely cat! They took me for another car ride, and next thing I knew I was at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary!

And the rest, as they say my friends, is history! Because I now live here at the Sanctuary and I am definitely one happy cat. I love living in the main cat cottage with the other wonderful cats. I get along great with all of them and have many special friends here. I love to communicate by giving gentle head butts and when my favorite humans come around I always flop to the ground for tummy rubs. As you can see from my photos, I love exploring the outdoor enclosures and basking in the sun from the many perches. Like all the cats here, I am loved and adored and I wouldn’t trade places with anyone. This is a purrfect home for a sweet girl like me and I am so grateful to have been rescued by the kind humans of Forget Me Not.

Purrs & Meows,

Molly Malone


  1. Good golly Miss Molly! We think you have beautiful eyes, and from your story an equally beautiful spirit.
    So glad you found your way to this wonderful home.

    Sam & Sadie

  2. Molly, you are one gorgeous girl, and I am glad that you were found by such lovely people. Creamsicle loves the Sanctuary, too!
    Tigger and Mister,
    BC'ers in California

  3. So glad we found this blog. What wonderful stories of great cats. We're so glad you found your way to the forget me not sanctuary Molly. You are beautiful inside and out.

    Jenn, Scott, Emily and Riley
    Morinville, Alberta