Saturday, October 24, 2009

Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary in the News!

Hello everyone, Creamsicle here. All of us kitties here are super excited today, because in today's Edmonton Journal there was not one, but TWO articles on our sanctuary! A nice reporter and photographer from the Edmonton Journal paid us a visit about a week go, to feature Forget Me Not in a week-long cat series called "Kitty City". Today was the big day - and two articles on the sanctuary, and our founders, were featured in our local newspaper.

One article started on the very front cover and continued on the inside page. The other was a full-page article with lots of great photos of me and some of the other kitties, and of course our Mom and Dad, the founders of the Sanctuary.

It made me so happy to see such wonderful media coverage of our wonderful home. My hope is that it will encourage people to adopt some of our beautiful cats as well as consider making a donation to help care for all of us.

Both articles are in today's Edmonton Journal for those of you local (Saturday, October 24th) and also are featured on the Edmonton Journal's website.

We invite you to check them out at:





  1. Creamsicle, how awesome that your home is famous now! I hope that more people can do what your parents have done, making a home for those of us that don't find our forever homes...
    Tig and Mister

  2. We saw the articles in the Journal and it was great to read about the humans behind the sanctuary, and see their pictures. Keep up the great work, what you are doing is wonderful!

    Sam & Sadie