Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Mocha Passes the 2 Pound Mark!

Hello friends, it’s me, Mocha! I’m writing to give you an update on how I’m doing. I’m happy to report that I am gaining some weight, and now have reached the 2 pound mark! I am getting a bit taller, so I don’t look quite so tiny anymore. I think I will grow up to be a small kitty, but the humans here are pleased with my progress.

I have a good appetite and am eating well and I do love to play! I love to motor around chasing after little balls on the floor. And when it’s time to rest, I just love to curl up in my favorite pink chair.

I have a wonderful new friend named Bentley, pictured here with me. Of course I am the cutie pie on the left. He’s very sweet and we love to cuddle up and snooze together. As you can see, he is a round little ball of fur and he just loves to eat, so I’ve been nibbling right along side him. I think having him around has really helped me put on some weight.

I have some other new friends as well. After a new litter of 10 week old kittens were kept in isolation for a while, they were brought into my room and I’ve been busy showing them the ropes. They think I am a great teacher! A couple of the new kittens are a little shy, so I’ve been helping to bring them out of their shells.

I want to thank you all again for all of your good thoughts and well wishes, which I’m sure have really helped me through my early struggles.

I’ll write again soon, but in the meantime it’s time to go play with Bentley!

Tiny meows,



  1. Mocha, I am so happy that you are gaining weight and mentoring the younger kitties. You are a very special cat!
    Theresa in Missouri

  2. So glad to see you are gaining weight Mocha. And your new friend is very sweet too. You look great together.

    Sam & Sadie

  3. Great news, thx for sharing the update with us. Mocha is cute as a button, and we're glad things are coming along.

    The Wilsons

  4. Baby Mocha, we're so happy to hear that you've been eating so well...Bentley obviously has a good influence on you! Good for you helping out the new little fur-faces, too...
    Tig and Mister, in frosty BC

  5. What a pretty pair of kitties.

    Mocha, it makes us so happy to hear that you are growing and doing so well.

    purrs from california
    conner,lissa, smokey and tucker

  6. Way to go, Baby Mocha! Great to know you've made a bunch of new friends and you're showing the new kids on the block all the ropes. Big hugs from:
    Nati =^..^=
    Nicky =^..^=