Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy (and Safe) Halloween!

Hello friends, it’s me Creamsicle! With Halloween just days away, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween. Remember, that Halloween can be a dangerous and scary time for your feline friends, so here are a few tips to ensure your cat is kept safe.

Keep your decorations out of reach of your cat. Remember that cats are curious and will investigate anything new or different and can easily ingest something they shouldn’t. Things like plastic spiders can be a choking hazard and cause even more problem if digested. Plenty of decorations come with lights, so make sure that any electrical cords are kept away from your cat. Kitties are interested in chewing these cords and can be electrocuted or even burn their mouths.

Your carved pumpkin may also appeal to your feline friend. Because many cats love the taste of pumpkin, they may be interested in turning your jack-o-lantern into lunch! While canned (unsweetened) pumpkin is fine for a treat, and may also add fiber to your cat’s diet to avoid constipation, after sitting on your porch for days, the pumpkin can grow plenty of bacteria which can cause all sorts of intestinal and stomach problems. So best to keep your kitty away from your pumpkin altogether.

Candy and chocolate should be reserved for the trick-or-treaters only. Never give your cat any candy or chocolate at any time of year. These can be very lethal to any of your pets. Ensure that on Halloween your treats are kept a safe distance from your cat. If at any time your pet ingests any chocolate, please seek advice immediately from your veterinarian.

Ringing doorbells and the loud voices of your goblin visitors can be frightening and upsetting to your cat. For your cat’s safety it’s best to keep them safely locked in a bedroom as far away from your front door as possible. With the door constantly opening and closing it’s just too easy for a cat to slip outside. While we think it’s safest all year for your cat to be kept indoors, this is especially important on Halloween.

If your feline friend is especially nervous of strange noises and all the raucous that goes along with Halloween, consider using one of the many flower essence products on the market to help calm your buddy down. Products like Feliway among others are great soothing agents to help your pet keep relaxed during what can often be a stressful holiday for pets.

We hope these helpful hints will ensure a safe and happy Halloween for you and your pets!




  1. Happy Howloween to all the cats! Hope you get some good treats, no tricks, just treats!

    Delores, Winston and Spike

  2. Love your costumes, you all look so nice. Especially you Creamsicle in those boots!

    Have a happy Halloween!

    Sam & Sadie

  3. hey, Creamsicle, but you guys will get treats from your mom and dad, eh! We stay in our house cuz mom and dad don`t want us lost or hurt, and we have tons of fireworx here. So, we stay inside, warm and cozy, and safe, like you will...
    Happy Halloween,
    Tig and Mister
    still in rainy BC