Friday, November 20, 2009

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Hi, I’m Henry, one of the senior citizens here at Forget Me Not. I am one of the residents in the Seniors Cottage and I’m here to tell you that November is “Adopt a Senior Pet Month”.

Started by the ASPCA in the US, Adopt a Senior Pet Month is a great way to encourage people to open their hearts to a senior animal and provide awareness of the many senior pets looking for good homes.

While me and my friends here in the Seniors Cottage have already found our forever home here at the Sanctuary, it is important to remember that adopting senior pets is one of the greatest things you can ever do!

There are many advantages to adopting a senior cat. We’re not as rambunctious as our junior counterparts, so if you’re looking for someone who’s already gotten through the wild and raucous years, a senior would be a purrfect companion for you. We seniors are calm and gentle and so in need of loving homes. In many cases seniors are overlooked just because of age. That makes me sad, as we have just as much love to give as the youngsters.

When adopting a pet, follow your heart and if it’s a senior that “chooses you”, take one in to your life. You won’t regret it. It’s not about the quantity of years you may have together, but the quality. And the love you get from a senior pet will be an experience you will both treasure forever.

Best regards,



  1. Seniors do make wonderful pets, We've taken in several over the years. They deserve a chance. So glad that Henry and the others have a special home at the sanctuary, but only wish that all seniors were given the same chance.

    Shawna, Rick and the gang

  2. Henry you are one handsome fellow, and we are so glad that you and your companions in the seniors place have such a great home at the sanctuary. Seniors are indeed special souls who all deserve to be loved.

    Sam & Sadie