Thursday, November 12, 2009

We've Been Spayed and We Have an Important Message

Hello everyone, we are Chubby Cheeks, Hungry and Thirsty. Earlier this spring we were born to our mom, Paula, the day after she arrived at a rural animal control facility. Our Mom was only about 8 months old at the time, just a kitten herself. The pound had no resources to look after a litter of newborns so like in many such cases, we were destined to be euthanized. Our Mom would not have had a chance to grow up into adulthood and us three little babies would not have even had a chance to see our first sunset, or eat our first meals on our own.

But just in time, a kind man and woman came into the facility and rescued us and took us to the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary. They also rescued two other newborn litters and their mothers. So there were many lucky souls saved that spring day.

After a few days at the Sanctuary, the kind people noticed that we weren’t gaining any weight. Our Mom Paula who was malnourished and underweight could not produce enough milk for the three of us. While kind and sweet to us, she just could not provide the nourishment we needed. That’s when the nice humans stepped in to help out with our feeding. We began receiving our nourishment in tiny syringes full of something called Mammalac. It tasted sort of like Mom’s milk so we lapped it up! Then each and every morning we were placed one by one into a little bowl and onto a kitchen scale to ensure that we were gaining weight. Gradually over the next several weeks we grew and grew and now months later we are healthy, thriving young cats.

Our message is so important – PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. Most kittens born to young female cats whose owners don’t bother to get them spayed are not as lucky as we were. Many are born to strays in culverts, abandoned cars, dilapidated garden sheds, snow banks, and ditches. Some die from starvation, some fall prey to predators, while others freeze to death alongside their helpless mothers.

And even many who are rescued as we were, are often left with a lifetime of problems with compromised immune systems which leave us vulnerable to hosts of illnesses.

We are now three spayed little sisters, and best friends. And because we have been spayed we will not be bringing into this world any more unwanted souls who may not have the happy endings that we did.

We will live our lives out at the Sanctuary, along with our Mom Paula, and we hope to be the little “spokes-kitties” for the importance of spay and neutering your pets.

Animals welfare organizations are overrun with animals all looking for homes. It is cruel to bring even more souls into this world while there area already so many in need. Let’s all do our part to end the pet overpopulation.

Thanks for reading our story, and we hope you take our plight to heart.

Here is a little video about us, we hope you enjoy it!

Meows & squeaks,

Chubby Cheeks, Hungry and Thirsty


  1. They are so sweet, really cute and the message is very important. If even one person reading this goes ahead and does the right thing, then that's great.

    These videos and photos are terrific. I read all the time, but don't post comments, which I really should.

    Betty in Kamloops

  2. Hey, girls, Mom says that we were "fixed" and we are safe inside all the time. We're really glad that you all are now, too!
    Tig and Mister in BC

  3. Spay and neutering is very important! We are so glad you were rescued and get to live at the sanctuary. Love the baby pictures of you, and you really grew into gorgeous cats!

    Sam and Sadie