Friday, December 18, 2009

A "Forget Me Not" Christmas Poem

‘Twas the night before Christmas and at Creamsicle’s House
All the creatures were snoozing, except for the mouse
The stockings were hung, and all ready to fill
Each carefully placed high near the window sill

The Forget Me Not Cats were anxious for the big day
New toys would arrive, they’d be ready to play
Santa would bring them goodies galore
Of course they had plenty, but could always use more

For some this would be a first Christmas here
In their home filled with love, and their feline friends near
No more cold winters, living out on the street
Here they are sheltered, and have plenty to eat

With the snow gently falling, each kitty would dream
While watching the bright star, and it’s radiant gleam
Christmas is coming, the most special day of the year
For the Forget Me Not cats, a day of great cheer

And then they heard it, the sound on the roof
Of Santa and his sleigh and the reindeer hooves
All of the kitties arose from their naps
Gathered at the window, Creamsicle in his red cap

“Hello all you dear cats”, Santa said
His beard snowy white and his cheeks cherry red
“You are all on my list for being good girls and boys,
What is it you want this year, how about some new toys?”

Creamsicle spoke up, “Yes, Santa, there is something you can do,
But it’s not for us, it’s for other cats too
We have all the toys and the treats that we need
We’d much prefer if you could do for us a special deed

You see Santa, there are many homeless kitties in the world
Who don’t have good homes like us, so we’ve heard
On your journey tonight, wherever you roam
Could you please find each homeless kitty a wonderful home?

We here are all thankful for all that we’ve got
Because we found our forever home at Forget Me Not”


  1. What a beautiful and moving poem. Merry Christmas to everyone at the Forget Me Not Sanctuary. Love the photo - way too cute for words.

    The Wilsons

  2. Reading this brought tears to our eyes - it is a lovely poem and the photo of Creamsicle with his mouse - how precious.

    May all of the joys of the holiday season be with you all!

    Shawna, Rick and gang

  3. we wish all at Forget Me Not a wonderful Christmas, and we hope all homeless kitties find a new forever home this Christmas, too.

    Tig and Mister, in their forever home. It is never too late to give one a home, we know!

  4. Cute poem! Merry christmas to all the staff and cat gare givers. You folks are doing a very much needed program. I wish there were more like you in Alberta! You are highly appreciated by all of us who love cats!

  5. This sanctuary seems amazing and it's terrific work you are all doing. We loved the poem and the photo and are going to now read through the entire blog. Wish there were more facilities like this to care for the special needs cats.

    The Hoffmans
    Swift Current, Saskatchewan

  6. What a precious picture, and a wonderful poem. It's sweet that the Forget Me Not cats were reminding us of other cats that need rescuing all over the world. Merry Christmas to all the cats and all the workers at Forget Me Not.
    Theresa in Missouri

  7. This poem and picture is so totally priceless - what a wonderful sentiment expressed by the Forget Me Not cats! Bless them and the people who care for them.
    We are truly reminded of the true spirit of Christmas in these words.

    Katie and Michael
    Red Deer, Alberta

  8. This is just too cute!! Thank you kitties, for sharing with us the real meaning of Christmas. A very Merry Christmas to all of you sweet little souls.

    Sarah and Bryce

  9. Bravo...what a wonderful poem! After reading it I hope there's only one thing left to say in 2010 and that is...

    "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus"

    Best Wishes from our house to yours.

    Virginia and the kitty crew

  10. We hope the homeless kitties' guardian angels will look over them this Christmas and keep them safe and warm. Thank you, you sweet, kind cats from Forget Me Not for reminding us of the plight of so many cats without a home not only at Christmas, but all winter long. There will be those that hear your request to Santa Claus and will put out some food and shelter for the strays in the back alleys and all the other cold, forlorn places that they have no choice but to live in.
    erry Christmas to everyone from Mark, Anita and our five four-footed children.

  11. And of course, we meant "Merry Christmas"!

    Mark et al, (see above comment)

  12. Wouldn't the world be better if all the homeless animals could find great homes like those at the sanctuary. A wonderful poem and adorable picture. Best of the season to you all!

    Stella and Joe
    Myron, Buster, Millie and little Smokey

  13. What a great poem and a great photo! Love the little mouse. Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas!

    Joan, Sid, Rob, Megan and Tweets