Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Indoor Cats

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! All of us cats here at Forget Me Not had a great holiday season.

This time of year, many people open their hearts and their homes to a new feline companion. And while in the depths of winter it may be common sense to keep your cats indoors, we feel it is important for the health of your cat, that no one allow cats to roam freely. Here at the Sanctuary we have many outdoor enclosures, which are secured completely by fencing. These are great, and a safe way to allow your feline friend to enjoy the great outdoors in a safe environment. If you don’t have the means or the space for such enclosures, some cats even like to go out on a harness and leash, another way to let your pet explore while keeping safety a priority.

Did you know that indoor cats live longer? This makes sense of course! There are many hazards that freely roaming cats can encounter on an outdoor adventure including traffic, poison, cruelty by mean humans, injuries encountered by fights with other animals, and exposure to many diseases. No neighbourhood is immune from the many dangers your freely roaming cat may encounter.

There are things you can do to make your indoor cat happy by making life inside fun. Having a good supply of different toys help keep your pet entertained and stimulated. Having a nice window for your cat to look out brings hours of enjoyment as they can watch the great outdoors from the safety of their own home. Here at the Sanctuary, we pass our indoor time by playing with scratching posts, climbing perches, and most importantly interaction with our humans. There’s nothing more rewarding for both you and your feline friend than lots of personal play or cuddle time together.




  1. Great photos of beautiful indoor cats. This is a great reminder, although any responsible pet owner should know this. But good reminder nonetheless. We are one of those families who took in a new furry friend over the holidays. After many months of missing our precious Mr. Wiggles who passed away last spring, we finally decided it was time. We welcomed Jaspurr into our home on Boxing Day and we are in love already. Jaspurr will be an indoor only cat as we don't have capacity for any enclosure, but he's happy already and purrs all the time. You can see how he got his name!

    The Wilsons and newest addition Jaspurr

  2. As indoor cats ourselves, we are happy campers living our lives inside. Glad to hear the cats had a good Christmas. We sure did, got spoiled with new toys and even a new cat tree!

    Love the photos - that white cat sleeping is just adorable with one leg stretched out.

    Sam & Sadie