Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Mew Year!!!!!!

Happy New Year!......or "Mew Year" as we like to say here at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary! 2009 was a good year, and we hope that 2010 will be even better for all of us here at the Sanctuary, and all of our blog readers.

The cats here at the Sanctuary have decided to adopt a few New Year's resolutions and we wanted to share them with you. Here is our list.

- I will be nice to my roommates and not squabble over toys. There are plenty for all of us.

- I will not push anyone off a cat tree. Again, there are plenty and I be nice and wait my turn if I have to.

- I will not help myself to Q-tips and proceed to stuff them down the sink, and throw them all over the house.

- I will not hide my toys in the bathtub. Well, maybe just the ones that look like little fishies.

- Screaming at a can of food will not make it open itself.

- I will not try and jump through a closed window to catch a bird. If I forget this resolution and bonk my head, I will not get up and do the same thing two minutes later.

- I will not assume the cat door is open when I try to run out to chase a butterfly or blowing leaves.

- I will not complain that my rear end is wet and I am thirsty, after sitting in my water bowl.

- I will not chase my tail - there are plenty of others to chase around here.

- I will not swat at the human's ears when they are trying to talk on the phone.

- Computer and TV screens are not a backlight for my gorgeous silhouette.

- I will not walk on the speaker phone and call long distance to California, Wisconsin, Virginia or any other far away place.

- An open box of pizza is not a good place for a cat-nap.

- I will not walk on the computer keyboard when the humans are writing something important jo769ouilldakelrjadll.kjed (OOPS! One down already and it's not even Midnight!)




  1. Happy Mew Year to all the kitties at the Forget me Not...we won't forget you...
    Tig and Mister in BC...
    And their mom

  2. Ha ha! I'm posting the list at my house as we can relate to all of those activities...and will add one more: I will not steal the feather boas off the Christmas Tree and walk around like I just caught the turkey!
    Best Wishes for 2010
    Virginia and the kits =^..^=

  3. These are hilarious. And unfortunately we've broken a few of these resolutions ourselves this year already! We'd like to add, I will not stare at the oven door til the turkey comes out. It will not make it cook faster.

    Happy New Year to everyone at Forget Me Not!

    Sam & Sadie

  4. Happy New Year! We love the resolutions. Jaspurr has already broken a few of these in his short time with us. He is quite the character.

    Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year!

    The Wilsons and Jaspurr

  5. We love reading the stories on this blog and it's followers leave such great comments - compassionate, humorous and heartwarming - its fun to read the comments also. And on that note - how about that cat Jaspurr? - what a great name!

    Sophie and Winston
    Leduc, Alberta

  6. Happy Mew year to you too! To all of you!

    This site is awesome, it's our new favorite. We read through all of it and will be followers of this blog. Very cool!

    Jocelyn & Scooter