Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meet Millie and Her Adorable Babies!

Hi everyone, I am Millie. I’d like to tell you about myself, my babies, and how we ended up at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary.

Last spring someone found me as a stray, and on April 30th I was dropped off at a rural pound. I was pregnant and the very next day I gave birth to six beautiful babies. As the pound had no resources to cope with a momma cat and my newborns, and an adoptive home was not available to take us in, we were all slated to be euthanized within the next couple of days. Lucky for us, the folks at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary were happy to save us, and on May 1st, we began our new life at the Sanctuary.

I was about 8 to 10 months old at the time so just a youngster myself. I was very emaciated when I gave birth and did not have enough milk for my tiny kittens, so the kind people at the Sanctuary provided bottle feeding to them. My babies were born with compromised immune systems. On top of that, my kittens and I all have gastro-intestinal problems (a type of colitis) which means we are constantly plagued with intermittent diarrhea and we all have to be on special medication from time to time. Because of this, we will remain permanent residents at the Sanctuary so that we can be given this type of special care for the rest of our lives.

When I first came to the Sanctuary they decided to call me “Violet”. After about 10 days the people realized that I didn’t seem to respond to that name, and it didn’t really suit me. As my personality started to shine through they could see I was very outgoing and not a “Shrinking Violet!”. So my name was changed to Millie and I loved it instantly!

I am a sweet and gentle girl, and I love spending time with my babies and interacting with the humans. I am always happy to receive pets and snuggles. One of the human helpers at Forget Me Not thinks I am one of the most striking looking cats because of my sparkling eyes and beautifully marked coat. I have an unusual look for sure!

My litter consisted of two boys and four girls. The kids are now eight and a half months old. The boys are all white with creamy tones and they are called Frosty and Snowdrop. There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and you can see their great spirit in their sparkling blue eyes. They are typical young boys, active and playful, and they like to jump around the many pieces of furniture in our wonderful “family suite” at the Sanctuary. They love spending time looking out the windows from the sun drenched perches we have to enjoy, or snoozing on the cozy furniture after an exhausting day of play.

My four girls are the dark ones. They are Gingersnap, Nibbles, Timbit and Panda. They are sweet, loving and very inquisitive. Gingersnap looks a lot like me, she’s the one with the copper mark on her face. Nibbles is the long haired darling with the white mark arching over her eyes and nose. Panda is the long-haired beauty with white markings. And Timbit is the short-haired black and white girl. The girls are really sweet and affectionate and love to groom each other. I can't imagine my life without these adorable babies! The humans are pretty crazy about all of us too!

My children are all great friends who enjoy each other’s company and I am so happy to be able to live out my life with my children at my side. If not for the folks at Forget Me Not, we would not even be alive today, so we will always be grateful to them for saving us all.

Thank you Forget Me Not for rescuing us and giving us a wonderful Forever Home!

Purrs and meows,



  1. OMG these cats and kittens are adorable! What a beautiful family. Super cute and what a great story that they did not get put down, in favor of a new beginning.

    This site rocks, great photos, great stories, great sanctuary!

    Brutus, Del and the fish

  2. Millie, your name suits you for sure, and you are absolutely one stunning little lady! Your babies are all so sweet - those blue eyed boys of yours are heart stealers and your little girls are utterly squeezable!

    What a wonderful, heartwarming story of a happy ending!

    Sam & Sadie

  3. Forget me not is home to some beautiful felines. Millie is absolutely gorgeous! And her kittens are so sweet. Keep up the good work everyone!

    Jenn, Scott, Emily and Riley
    Morinville, Alberta

  4. You have to wonder how poor Millie managed on her own as a stray. Thank goodness someone got her to the pound so she could be saved by the Sanctuary.

    She is such a pretty girl, what unusual markings she has. And her little ones are so lovely also. Thank the Lord they are safe and happy now.

    Hillary and Destiny
    The Olympic City, Vancouver BC

  5. Love them all but have a soft spot for the little tuxedo cat with the black spot on her nose. I think it's Timbit. How cute! does she like Timbits? ;-)

  6. Thank you for sharing their story. They are all beautiful kitties. I especially love the two flame point Siamese boys. Thank you for saving everyone and giving them a wonderful forever home.

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  9. I was born and raised in Edmonton and heard about the Sanctuary from my family through an article in the Edmonton Journal. I now live near Vancouver. It has been great reading through the stories of the cats and I really enjoyed reading about Millie and her litter.

    Marlene & Jonesy