Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter is coming, and that can only mean one thing...a visit from THE EASTER BUNNY! All of us cats here at the Sanctuary are very excited about Easter. It’s a great time of year, with spring now officially here, the days are longer which means more sunshine and time to bird watch.

But this weekend we anxiously await the Easter Bunny’s visit. Wonder what the Easter Bunny might bring to a bunch of cats? Well, a basket full of treats of course! But not the kind you humans like, we felines prefer a basket full of toys stuffed with catnip or honeysuckle, some little stuffed bunnies or bright yellow chicks to play with. That’s our kind of Easter Fun. There will be no egg hunt around here, we’ll be hunting for toys and some special cat treats!

It’s a fun time of year, but there are also some hazards to watch out for over Easter. While they may be beautiful, there are many flowers and plants which can be extremely dangerous to cats. Lilies can be toxic to cats, if ingested your feline friend can go into acute kidney failure. Many other plants are also poisonous, so it’s best to avoid them around your furry friend as much as possible. If you want to brighten your table with some yellow daffodils or fuchsia tulips why not try the silk variety. They look just as pretty and you won’t have to worry about your cat nibbling on the petals.

The goodies in the human Easter baskets can also present some problems for your pet. The plastic type grass that is used to fill the baskets, can be ingested and create tummy problems for your pet. It’s best not to use that type of product at all, as it does get all over the house and it’s hard to keep your feline friend away from it. Of course chocolate eggs for pets are a no-no. Those chocolate Easter eggs in the bright shiny foil wrap are appealing to your cats, but can cause serious problems if they eat them.

Keep the human treats and Easter goodies away from your furry friend and provide them with some cat toys and treats and you should all enjoy the holiday weekend.

From me, all my feline buddies and all of the humans here at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary, we wish you all a very Happy Easter! Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you!




  1. All the best to everyone for a safe and happy easter!

    The Wilsons

  2. Creamsicle and all your beautiful friends, we wish you a happy hoppy Easter! Hope you get some good catnip!

    We're off to Calgary with our parents for a family gathering. Hoping some turkey will drop on the floor for us!

    Happy Easter!

    Sam & Sadie

  3. Happy Easter to all the cats and the people behind Forget Me Not! Hope you have a special easter and get lots of your favorite treats from the Easter Bunny!


  4. A Very Happy Easter to our family and friends at the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary!!!

    Snickers and Bentley :)

  5. a very happy Easter to the kitties and peoples at The Sanctuary, Creamsicle! We love our cat nip treats, and our angel-brother Ollie loved honeysuckle!

    Tig and Mister, in the very very windy and wet Vancouver area!!

  6. HAPPY EASTER! Hope you all have a great Easter and enjoy the visit from the Easter Bunny!

    Shawna, Rick and the gang