Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary!

It’s our birthday! The Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary is two years old!

Everyone needs a birthday so we decided that April would be our birth month. It was two years ago this April that our founders, June and Walter, took possession of the land which is now home to the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary.

Many years ago the dream began, with a love of cats and a passion for animal welfare. Over a decade ago, one cold winter day, Walter arrived at his business in an industrial park and noticed a group of cats desperately scratching for some peanut butter that had fallen from a bird feeder. This group of feral cats sought refuge under some old abandoned trailers. The seed was then planted in the heart and mind of the future founder of the Sanctuary, knowing he had to do something to help these, and other homeless cats.

He tried helping these cats by providing them with food, water and temporary shelter. But sadly, this only helped a little as the cats were multiplying and often none of the kittens from a litter would survive. Compounding the problem was that once people were aware that a feral colony were being cared for there, other cats were ruthlessly discarded there as well.

When he retired from his business in the industrial area, the entire colony of cats were rescued by him and his wife. Upon discovering that there were very few options available for permanent housing for feral cats, June and Walter created the Forget Me Not Cat Sanctuary, and this group of felines became their first permanent residents.

So two years ago, work began. And what a busy and exciting two years it’s been! Develop permits were obtained, construction began, an application to become a registered charitable organization was submitted and ultimately approved, and of course some very special cats began to populate the Sanctuary.

Forget Me Not is now home to approximately 150 cats, who all receive shelter, great food, clean water, cozy and comfy places to play and rest, amazing care, medical attention, and most of all lots of love and kindness. Many others, who were deemed adoptable, have called the Sanctuary home on their way to their new forever homes. And for those of us who reside here, who call Forget Me Not our forever home, we are blessed each day by the kindness of these two amazing people for creating a safe haven for the unwanted. Here, we are wanted, and we are adored and loved each and every day.

So I hope you will join me, and all of my feline friends here in thanking our Founders for all they have done for us, and all they continue to do for so many in need.




  1. Happy Birthday to you Creamsicle, all your friends, and the wonderful founders June and Walter. What an incredible place this is, and it was great to read how it all began.

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    Sam & Sadie

  2. WOW, 2 years old. Amazing work has been done in 2 years, keep it up folks. We congratulate you on your success and wish you nothing but greatness to continue in the future.

    Hillary and Destiny

  3. We've never seen anything like this place. Wish we had one here near us. This is truly amazing! You must be amazing people to create such a special place!

    Happy Birthday to everyone there!

    Nichola, Jeremy and our precious cats Ozzie and Quigley
    in Yorkton Sask

  4. Happy Birthday! A great success story and you should all be very proud of the amazing accomplishments. To many more happy birthdays to come!

    The Wilsons

  5. Happy Birthday! I am a huge fan of the Sanctuary. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Dear Forget Me Not,
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

    Congratulations and happy day!

    Lorna, Sammy, Joey and Peewee

  7. Keep up the great work and Happy Birthday on this very special occasion!

    Nichola, Darwin and our cat loving border collie Hobo

  8. Happy birthday to this wonderful shelter, and many thanks to the people who have shown the original abandoned cats and then many others kindness and care and given them a safe and happy life. Leonor Delgado and Nati and Nicky

  9. Happy Meowday to you!! We love birthdays, we hope it was a purrfect day for everyone at the sanctuary.

    Mario, Chaley, Baby and Virginia

  10. Happy Birthday Walter and June!

    Snickers and Bentley and of course our forever family Dannielle and Bethany! :)